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Gas Chromatography

YL28xT All-In-Ones Autosampler

The YL28x0T is a single unit combining static headspace analysis, liquid sample injection and SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction).
It can save your time and money as well as increasing analysis flexibility.The full-color touch screen interface provides easier system accessibility and usability. The touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control for both novices and experienced users.
All system parameters and settings are graphically displayed for a quick and easy set-up, requiring minimal user training. The sample rack is mounted away from the GC oven to prevent exposure to high temperatures, which could cause degradation or condensation in the sample vial.

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· Liquid Operation
- Tray capacity: 121 vials, 2 ml; optional tray available
- Viscosity delay: 0-15s
- Bubble elimination: Up to 15 pull up strokes
· Headspace Operation
- Tray Capacity: 42 Vials(20ml) ; optional :6 and 10 ml
- Syringe Temperature: 40 - 150 °C
· SPME Kit
- Added support to 2 cm SPME fiber for usage with low concentration compounds
- Unified inlet for SPME fiber cleaning and HS syringe purge
- Fiber Cleaning Device is used in SPME mode only (YL2850T)
· Easy to use: One-touch operation by LCD screen
· Robustness: System integrity and vial leakage check function
· Quick and easy switching from one application to another