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Thanks for Visiting Our Booth at HPLC 2017

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YL Instruments would like to express our thanks to all who have visited our booth at HPLC 2017 held in Jeju Island, Korea.
The conference gave us the opportunity to present our latest products and we are very pleased for the attendees that joined our booth to discover the innovative solutions and technology.

Also, we've delivered a talk on "The History of Chromatograph Development in the Republic of Korea" to audiences to inspire them how hard we've been dedicating our research and development to chromatographic technologies in Korea. The abstract and the presentation materials are attached below for your information.

1. Abstract (The History of Chromatograph Development in the Republic of Korea)

2. Talk Presentation Material

If you have further inquiries or in case you want more information about our products, feel free to contact us through our website.
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