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ChroZen GC-VUV

ChroZen GC-VUV is a combination of gas chromatograph and vacuum ultraviolet detector. VUV detector is the latest technology of universal detection for gas chromatography and it is designed to identify most gaseous molecules in VUV region.

VUV detector is the latest technology of universal detection for gas chromatography. It is designed to identify and quantitate most gaseous molecules in VUV region. The strong absorption of gas phase molecules in the VUV provides excellent sensitivity, and the compound-specific absorption spectra provides unparalleled selectivity.

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Unique Selectivity

Identification and Quantitation of Unambiguous Compounds

Each compound has a unique spectral fingerprint in the VUV spectrum and it is matched with spectral library. The library search algorithm provides correct and unambiguous identification of your compound, including most isomers.

Excellent Sensitivity

Spectral Filters to Enhance Analyte Specificity

Spectral filters increase analyte sensitivity throughout in targeted wavelength regions while ensuring quantitation at very low concentration levels and suppressing background contributions.

Simple but Powerful Software

Straightforward Workflows

VUV detector comes with easy-to-understand, yet powerful analysis tools. The user-defined methods can be operated with one-button of START-STOP trigger. Real-time chromatogram is shown during the whole data collection. First-principal measurement technique provides an easily predictable linear response. The measured spectra can be matched against an existing compound specific absorption cross section library to rapidly identify the compounds.

Universal Detector for Every Application

Any Analysis, Any Industries

All gas phase molecules absorb strongly in the vacuum ultraviolet(VUV) region so, identification and quantitation of compounds is possible for a broad range of industries such as environmental research, oil & gas, forensics, fragrances & flavors, petrochemical, specialty gas, agrochemical, food & beverage safety and life science.

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