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GC/MS Library (Wiley, NIST)

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GC/MS Library (Wiley, NIST)

Various GC/MS Libraries are available depending on specific applications with multiple information of each compound's spectra, chemical structure and retention index to get the accurate and reliable data.

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· GC/MS Library: Wiley
The Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, now in its 12th edition, is the most comprehensive spectral library available. Identification of unknowns begins with untargeted analysis and this library provides researchers with the most assurance that their untargeted spectral search is the broadest available. Wiley’s broad and field-tested spectral libraries save time, increase instrument efficiency and boosts staff productivity.

· GC/MS Library: NIST
NIST 2020 is the most compatible available, containing multiple instrument formats. Including NIST MS search, it's made up of three libraries, an Electron Ionization (EI) mass spectral library, a MS/MS library, and a GC Retention Index library.

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YOUNG IN Chromass GC/MS Library (Wiley, NIST)

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Product Name : GC/MS Library (Wiley, NIST)

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