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Water Purification System

Water Purification System > Type Ⅰ Grade Water

aquapuri Essence + (Plus)

Water Purification System > Type Ⅰ Grade Water

aquapuri Essence + (Plus)

aquapuri Essence+| Essence is engineered with innovative filtration technology to ensure the utmost water quality while extending the life span of the filter for low operating cost and maintenance.

Iconic Success for Ultrapure Water

aquapuri Essence+ is designed to deliver the utmost pure water of Type Ⅰ grade for your scientific needs with unrivaled consistency and reliability. 

Our water purification system stands as the ultimate solution for sensitive analytical applications demanding the highest purity standards.

Ensured Water Quality (with TOC data)


Ensured Water Quality

Innovative filtration technology with high-quality resins and materials for versatile laboratory-grade water.

Budget-friendly System

Each of the durable components enhances the robustness of the water purification system to minimize maintenance frequency while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


- Intuitive access to all functions through a large screen on the front.
- QR access for the regular filter replacement order and operation videos.
- Easy-peasy filter replacement

Extended Filter Lifetime 

Long-lasting filters reduce the frequency of replacements and operating cost while efficiently taking each role for the elimination of impurities till the last.

Type Ⅰ Water Production


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YOUNG IN Chromass aquapuri Essence + (Plus)

Manufacturer : YOUNG IN Chromass

Product Name : aquapuri Essence + (Plus)

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