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ChroZen ATD (Thermal Desorption System)

Gas Chromatography > Sample Preparation/Introduction

ChroZen ATD (Thermal Desorption System)

ChroZen ATD is an automated thermal desorption system which enhances productivity by 50 sorbent tubes capacity and smart sequence overlapping function.

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With two-stage desorption, ChroZen ATD utilizes versatile thermal desorption by concentrating volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds collected on a sorbent tube into a focusing trap to enable the analysis of VOCs at trace level with the superior sensitivity. The ChroZen ATD guarantees more reliable data through inert sample path using SilcoNert® up to 350℃ of heating capability and automatic leak check before every desorption while minimizing the carryover for reproducible results.

• 50 Sorbent tubes capacity
• Compatible with any GC and GC/MS
• Intuitive touch screen for easy control
• Fully independent integrated pneumatic control
• Peltier-type trap cooling system
• Inert sample path up to 350°C of heating capability
• Automatic leak sensing before each desorption


• Environmental monitoring (indoor/outdoor and ambient air)
• Emission testing (Automobile interior materials)
• Residual solvents (packaging for food and pharmaceuticals)
• Flavors and fragrances (food and cosmetics)
• Compliance with
: Standard Methods US EPA TO-14, TO-15, TO-17, ISO 16017-1, 16017-2, 16000-6, 12219 and ASTM D6196

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YOUNG IN Chromass ChroZen ATD (Thermal Desorption System)

Manufacturer : YOUNG IN Chromass

Product Name : ChroZen ATD (Thermal Desorption System)

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