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OEM Business

We take “OEM” as another word for “Solution”. If you face diverse challenges in your market to provide complete solutions with your product portfolio under your own brand, you’ve landed in the right place. While you develop a knowledgeable and personal relationship with individual customer needs, we deliver innovative and reliable chromatographs based on our experience in chromatography with a 30-years of commitment. Taking your idea into reality, you’ll get the products with consistent quality on time. This will end up with a synergy effect to grow together. 

How Does OEM Work?

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OEM Product Portfolio


Gas Chromatograph

GC equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and software enhances the user convenience and the data reliability while delivering the exceptional analytical solutions.
-Intuitive LCD Display
-Enhanced Sensitivity and Reproducibility
-Powerful UPC (Ultimate Pneumatic Control)


Liquid Chromatograph

HPLC delivers the most reliable data through the FlowMasterTM technology providing accurate and precise flow rate at any conditions.
-Fast Response Time by Unique Hardware Design
-Smart Air Circulation for Column Temperature Stability
-Direct & Fast Injection for Low Sample Consumption


Water Purification System

WPS satisfies all of your needs with a versatile product range while ensuring excellent water quality and user-friendly operation. From the integrated model to the single grade water production, It enhances the efficiency and productivity to get pure/ultrapure water faster and easier.

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