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2000 ~ Now

2020.09 Launched ChroZen TQ GC/MS

2020.05 Launched ChroZen TQ LC/MS

2019.09 Launched ChroZen GC, ChroZen GC/MS

2018.06 Launched ChroZen UHPLC

2017.11 Launched YL9100 Plus HPLC

2016.12 Designation for a Promising Export Firm

2016.06 Designation for an Excellent Company (G-PASS)

2015.05 Launched YL6900 GC/MS

2014.04 Acquired CE certificate for YL6500 GC

2013.09 Launched YL9900 HPLC/MS

2012.11 Acquired certificate of Good Design Selection for YL6500 Gc

2012.10 Held a Public Seminar, celebrating 20th Anniversary

2012.03 Launched YL9300 HPLC

2011.12 Launched YL6500 GC

2011.02 Launched YL FT-IR/ Gas Generator/Concentration Evaporator

2010.02 Acquired Russian certificate for YL9100 HPLC

2009.12 Awarded the Certificate for Outstanding Export Performance, achieving 5 Million USD in export

2009.08 Acquired certificate of Good Design Selection for YL9100 HPLC

2008.12 Acquired CE certificate for YL9100 HPLC

2008.12 Awarded the Certificate for Outstanding Export Performance, achieving 3 Million USD in export

2008.06 Launched YL9100 HPLC system

2008.04 Acquired Russian certificate for YL HPLC & GC

2007.05 Acquired CE certificate for Acme GC & aquaMAX Basic/Ultra series

2006.11 Awarded the Certificate for Outstanding Export Performance, achieving 1 Million USD in export

2006.09 YOUNG IN Chromass Selected as a Promising Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government.

2005.06 Acquired Pattern Approval Certificate of the Measuring Instruments of China for Acme 9000 HPLC

2004.09 Acme 6000 GC chosen as one of Top Quality Products from Korean PPS (Public Procurement Service)

2003. Launched Acme 6000M GC(Manual type GC)

2002. Awarded INNO-BIZ Certificate

2002.12 Awarded NT Certificate for Automatic Pneumatic Control for Gas Flow Rate of Acme 6000 GC

2002.05 Acquired CE Certificate for SP930D Gradient Pump

2001.11 Awarded EM Mark for Acme HPLC

2001.08 Successfully completed National standardization of HPLC Performance and received its Verification from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

2001.06 Launched 3rd generation Acme 6000 Gas Chromatograph

2001.04 Acquired CE Certificate for UV730D Detector

2001.01 Launched aquaMAX TM- Ultra Water Purification System

2000.11 Launched 3rd generation Chromatography Data System,Autochro-2000

2000.03 Launched 3rd generation Acme 9000 HPLC (SP930D Gradient Pump and UV730D Dual Wavelength UV/VIS Detector)

2000.03 Certified for ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System
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