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At YOUNGIN Chromass,
we put our customer satisfaction on top priority by fulfilling our integrity and reliability.

Ethics compliance preserves and strengthens value of our integrity and reliability aimed at our sustainable growth.

Inquiry relating to ethics compliance : compliance@youngincm.com

Charter of Ethics in Conducts

At Young In Group, we, all the employees,shouldput top-priority on our customersand seek to pursue oursustainable growth by making every effort to sustainthevalue of integrity and of mutual trust in carrying out all the concernedworksby judgment andaction. In this respect, we issue the Charter of Ethics as the standards for conducts, aiming toplay the intrinsic roles of enterprises, and declaring toabide by it.

First, we look forward to being an ethical business player that complies with the relevant laws and rules.

Second, we respect our customers, and achieve the creation of customers’value.

Third, we best strive to keep the market economies in fair order.

Fourth, we best strive to establish the Culture of Ethics on the right track.

Fifth, we safely protect and administer the relevant information relating to the concerned companies and the concerned customers.

Sixth, we provide equal and fair opportunities for all of our employees to realize their self, and offer them safe and comfortable work environment.

Seventh, we best strive to maximize value of the interested parties, relying on reasonable process of decision-making in transparent management.

Eighth, we best play the social role of responsibility, fully aware of ourselves being an individual member to the
civil society.

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