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Ethics Code

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Rules
Chapter 2 ObligationstowardsCustomers
Chapter 3 Rightful use of Company Property
Chapter 4 Basic Ethics Employees shouldkeep
Chapter 5 Transparent Transactions with Partners
Chapter 6 Obligations towards Interested Parties
Chapter 7 Obligationstoward Communal Societiesand the State
Chapter 8 Obligations to fulfill the Ethics Code

Chapter 1 General Rules

Clause 1 【 Purpose 】
The Ethics Code aims to provide the standards of conducts and of value judgments for all the employees to observe in the management fields in executing the rules of Ethics Code.

Clause 2 【 Scope of General Rules 】
The Ethics Code applies to all the employeesat home and abroad. The Company’s incumbent rules in conflict with the Code should be amended in line with the guidelines of the Code.

Clause 3 【 Operation of the Code 】
The detailed guidelines of the Code should be separatelyprepared to implement the Code.
(1) The employeesshould refer any unclear or incomprehensible things in interpreting and implementing the guidelines to the Ethics-ComplianceDivisionfor consultation, and if not defined in the Code or in conflictin interpretation, they should leave the matters for thefinal decisions by the outside specialists.
(2) The employeesshould confirm theyhave understood the Code and pledge to comply with it.

Chapter 2Duties toward Customers

Clause 4 【 Customers-centered 】
The employees should strive best to maximize value of customers’satisfaction with the firm belief that “The customers make employees exist.”
(1) The employees aim to maximize the customers’value and their satisfaction in their decision making.
(2) The employees should provide to the customers products and services, if need arises,to their satisfaction.
(3) The employees should catch beforehand what the customers want, and respond ahead.

Clause 5 【 Respect to Customers 】
The employees should appreciate and respect the customers as always, and think and act in their position as follow:
(1) Treat all the customers fairly and equally.
(2) Never express any words opposed to the facts and anything causing mistakes or misunderstanding to the customers.
(3) Accommodate the customers’ diverse demands and provide most optimal solutions to them.

Clause 6 【 Protection for Customers 】
The employees should protect the customers’ safety, their interest and information.
(1) Make sure to prevent customers from any losses due to product defects.
(2) Faithfully keep the customers informed of the customers’ safety matters for their full understanding.
(3) Dearly protect not only customers’ physical properties but also their intellectual property rights, information and honor.

Chapter 3 Rightful Use of the Company’s Property

Clause 7 【 Rightful Use of Company’s Property 】
The employees should keep records of the Company’s information they have acquired during their works as its intellectual property.
(1) Use the customers’ information for the works’purpose only when needed.
(2) Never release any information they have acquired during their works without any prior approval from the customers.
(3) Accurately and clearly record and report all kinds of information related with the works based on facts to the company, and manage them as the company’s intellectual property.

Clause 8 【 Use of the Company’s Property 】
The employees should never use the Company’s property for their individual purpose.
(1) Sparingly use the Company’s property as if their personal property, and make sure that it should not be lost, misused and stolen.
(2) Do not copy, install, use, transmit or store the illegal software.
(3) Do not use the Company’s information, data, machinery devices and its installation for the external use or for their personal purpose.

Chapter 4 Basic Ethics for the Employees

Clause 9 【 Prohibition of Two Jobs and of Competitive Transaction 】
The employees should not take two jobs and conduct any competitive transactions in conflict with the Company’s benefit.
(1) Do not take two jobs and acquire any wrongful benefits through competitive transactions.
(2) Do not take any personal gains, using intellectual property rights and professional
knowledge earned during the Company works.
(3) Do not release to outside any of the Company’s information they have acquired during their works.

Clause 10 【 Honoring the Intellectual Property Rights 】
The employees should protect the Company’s intellectual property rights including its business secrets.
(1) Best strive to secure and maintain the Company’s intellectual property rights.
(2) Obtain prior approval from the Company prior to offering its intellectual property rights to a third party.
(3) Honor a third party’s intellectual property rights and do not renege on these.

Clause 11 【 Report 】
The employees should truthfully report about their works to the Company.
(1) Report truthfully about their works to the Company.
(2) Do not hide, defer or fake anything in reporting.
(3) Expeditiously report any event oraccident to the Company if any arises.

Clause 12 【 Distinction between official and private matters 】
The employees should clearly draw a line between official and private matters, and should not seek self-interest by using their post in the Company.
(1) Fairly fulfill their obligations, eliminating their own emotions and personal interests.
(2) Pay first attention to the Company’s interests as always before they take any action.
(3) Do not commit any wrongdoings including direct or indirect receipt of bribery from the interested parties.

Clause 13 【 Political Activities 】
The employees should not be involved with in-house political activities in the Company.
(1) Be very careful so that their individual political bias should not be misunderstood as the Company’s stance.
(2) Do not offer any illegal donation to, or bear any expenses for, any candidates in election or political party or political committee.
(3) Do not use the Company’s organization, manpower and property for the political purpose.

Clause 14 【 Fulfillment of Obligations 】
The employees should responsibly fulfill their individual obligationsin works. (1) Act relying on the basics in recognition of their own individual obligations and role.
(2) Autonomously judge, act and be responsible for results.
(3) Creatively fulfill obligations in a move to generate value.

Clause 15 【 Self-Development and Training for Subordinate Staffs 】
The employees should best strive to make their self-development in order to adjust to the world’s rapidly changing management environment and to secure a competitive edge at the international level.
(1) Be proud of being a specialist and grow into a top-level expert in their field through self-development.
(2) The manager should grasp the talent and vision of his staff member each and bring up him or her into a top-level specialist in each field.
(3) The manager should encourage his staffs to share technologies and information with each other for co-development.

Clause 16 【 Mutual collaboration 】
The employees should respect each other’s diverse value and make mutual collaboration with each other.
(1) Collaborate with each other for the Company’s common targets.
(2) Respect the diverse views and move towards better destination.
(3) The decision makings should first consider the company’s benefits prior to those of each individual or of any in-company division.

Chapter 5 Transparent Transactions with Business Partn

Clause 17 【 Transparent Transactions with Business Partners 】
The employees should take fair and sincere stance to conduct transactions with their business partners under the principle of co-existence and co-prosperity.
(1) Be fair and impartial in selecting partners.
(2) Do not enforce any form of injustice or exercise any unfair influence, using their prominent position.
(3) Conduct transparent transactions with partners and do not take any improper gains in the course of transactions.

Chapter 6 Responsibility toward the Interested Parties

Clause 18 【 Employee’s Mutual Respect towards Each Other 】
The employees should collaborate with senior and junior levels or co-workers based on smooth communication, mutual trust and respect.
(1) Do not use words or take action expressing social and cultural bias.
(2) Respect each other and keep their promise.
(3) Create their healthy working environment.

Chapter 19 【 Respect towards Shareholders 】
The employees should protect shareholders’ investment gains by achieving stable profits based on sound management activities.
(1) Secure the upper hand over competitors by continuously saving cost and upgrading productivity.
(2) Respect and honor the shareholders’right to know, their rightful demand, their suggestion and their official decision made.
(3) Efficiently administer the property entrusted by shareholders to generate benefits.

Chapter 20 【 Disclosing performance and results 】
The employees should sincerely disclose their performance results to build up mutual trust relationship with shareholders.
(1) Actively disclose to shareholders performance results, business activities and other related information as well as to all affiliated parties under the relevant laws and rules.
(2) Faithfully unveil performance results, opting the proper time and method.
(3) Administer transparent performance results.

Chapter 7 Responsibilities toward Social Communities and the State

Clause 21 【 Social Responsibilities 】
As corporate citizens, the employees should seek harmony, collaboration and co-development with social communities.
(1) Create new jobs by conducting business activities in the persistent manner.
(2) Conduct social duties by fulfilling sincere taxation obligation as corporate citizens.
(3) Take active part in social contribution as part of fulfilling social obligations.

Chapter 22 【 Law-Compliance and Impartial Competition 】
The employees should comply with every law and rule of the state and of the social communities, and honor the social value of the culture or of the custom.
(1) Honor the laws, the Code of Ethics, and the basic order as well as the culture and the custom.
(2) Honor the market order in competition, and do not take any improper gains in violation of business ethics.
(3) Respect competitors and freely and impartially compete with others in rightful manner based on their own merits.
(4) Do not open any business with any states or business players as prohibited under the laws.
(5) Deeply understand that the correct establishment of export system for strategic commodities is a social obligation for a corporation to sustain international security and the world’s peace, and share the understanding with each other.

Clause 23 【 Safe Environment 】
The employees should maintain eco-friendly business operation under the safety rules.
(1) Sustain eco-friendly business operation and comply with the environmental laws and rules.
(2) Strictly comply with the safety-related laws and rules.
(3) Observe the environment laws and rules and best strive to upgrade the impacts on the business environment across the board.

Chapter 8 Obligations to fulfill the Ethics Code

Clause 24 【 Obligations to fulfill the Ethics Code 】
The employees should conduct obligations to fulfill the Ethics Code.
(1) Properly educate the employees based on the cause thoroughly investigated for their violation of the Ethics Code in order to prevent the recurring violation.
(2) Let the employees receive disciplinary measures in violation of the Ethics Code and make them accountable for any violation.
(3) In the event that they are enforced to violate the Ethics Code or if they are aware of such an enforced action, the employees should inform the compliance-division of such their awareness and discuss the matter with the division chief in advance if any question arises.

Additional Clause

1. The Ethics Code comes into force as of July 31, 2016.